Digital Design Engineer (experienced)


The successful candidate with applicable experience in two or more areas: digital design, printed circuit board (PCB) development, hardware components, FPGA and firmware development, and lab testing. Having direct experience in the areas of SATNAV and/or communications is a plus. This position reports to the PreTalen Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) supervisor. The successful candidate must be comfortable dealing with requirements changes, have the ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, and can work within a team environment.  The successful candidate might also function as a team lead and technically direct other staff.



  •  Performs and provides technical support to design team lead for digital hardware design and prototyping, firmware, and algorithm development

  • Performs and provides support for the manufacture of digital system demonstration prototypes in a lab setting

  • Performs and provides support for simulation and hardware testing activities to include analysis

  • Provides technical support status during project team meetings

  • Provides written technical reports and supports customer meetings as required



  •  A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

  • Ability to work independently/efficiently on assigned tasks, as well as the ability to work collaboratively within a team environment

  • Experience in digital design and prototyping

  • Support, planning, and participation in lab and field tests

  • Strong communications skills

  • US Citizen and ability to acquire/retain a security clearance



  •  5+ years’ experience in GPS-PNT-Communications engineering

  • 5+ years’ experience in Digital Design & Hardware Serial Communications

  • Ability to be flexible and to learn quickly

  • A Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

  • Active security clearance



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