Cyber Security Researcher


At PreTalen, our security researchers are challenged with solving some of our customer’s most complex cybersecurity problems.  Our cyber team is talented, energetic, and motivated.  Responsibilities will include binary reverse engineering, vulnerability assessment, and evaluation of low-level systems.



  •  Experience with Linux operating systems

  • Knowledge of web protocols

  • Experienced in disassembly and binary analysis tools (GDB, OllyDBG / Immunity Debugger, IDA Pro, Radare2, etc)

  • Problem-solving, troubleshooting and debugging

  • Ability to work at the binary layer




  •  US Citizen and ability to acquire/retain a security clearance

  • Proficient with C/C++ programming languages

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or 3 years of professional experience in a related field

  • Experience in exploitation with a capability to develop custom exploits

  • Binary reverse engineering

  • Development experience using at least one scripting language (Python, Ruby or Perl)

  • Knowledge of computer processor architectures and instructions sets (x86, ARM, PPC)

  • Knowledge of operating system internals to include embedded systems

  • Software vulnerability assessment, fuzzing

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