PreTalen is a professional engineering and integration firm specializing in communication, navigation, cybersecurity, and advanced programs.

Communications & Navigation
We're your position, navigation, and timing experts.

PreTalen has become a go-to professional engineering services company providing agile support in fielding, testing, and maintaining communications and navigation equipment. From systems engineering and integration to maintaining active and uncompromised links, PreTalen provides full spectrum support.


VIPER Cybersecurity
Our motto - “I shall find a way or make one”

Modern militaries and governments rely heavily on computer networks, and PreTalen is at the forefront of cybersecurity. Let our security research team, VIPER, deliver solutions to your most advanced cybersecurity challenges. PreTalen’s proactive approach to cybersecurity allows you to stay ahead of emerging threats and ensures the safety and security of critical infrastructure.

Cyber Security

Our Customers
Delivering unparalleled engineering excellence

Air Force Institue of Technology
Air Force Research Laboratory
GPS Directorate
Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Aberdeen Proving Ground
746th Test Squadron

Additional Capabilities and Services
Leverage our expertise

We create customer success by providing the highest quality products and services offering the best value while reducing cost, risk and schedule. PreTalen’s tool chest leverages our subject matter experts as well as pulling in community experts to provide the customer with the best possible solution.